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Club card registration

Ramstore Network invites new and its loyal customers to its Ramstore Club to enjoy numerous advantages it offers. Ramstore club card gives its holders an unlimited time for significant money savings.  Traditionally low prices within Ramstore network and its flexible discounts allow extra income to the cardholders. Ramstore Club offers a diverse program changing on monthly basis.

 In order to join Ramstore Club on should purchase a club card (for a symbolic price of KZT 200) at a shop cash desk.  The card will be activated upon purchase. At the shop information desk you can get and fill out the questionnaire. It would be necessary to specify your address and telephone number for contact purposes.  We would like to remind you once again that the Ramstore Club Card is valid for an unlimited period of time.

 Ramstore management and staff are committed to their customers.  We are trying to make your shopping in our stores even more convenient, comfortable and time-saving, in other words, so that you would definitely wish to visit us again.